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    Thermal online inkjet printer is a 7 inch touch screen high-resolution code jet machine based on TIJ 2.5 (hot foam ink jet ) technology. It has the characteristics of high resolution and high-speed printing.

    Moreover,simple code selection and customer select able rules prevent human error.

    As there are no replacement parts, apart from the ink cartridge, which can be done in less than one minute and requires no specific training. This implies significant uptime advantages leading to monetary savings.

    TIJ printers offer high speed and resolution printing from 600 x 600 dpi high-resolution codes up to 152.4 mm (6 in) in height. Furthermore, the printing of a wide range of bar codes including Data Matrix and stacked symbology is possible. This model has a maximum line speed of up to 75 m/min when printing at the print quality of 600 x 240 dpi (faster speeds available at lower print resolution.)

    It can be installed in various packaging lines and production lines for high-resolution printing. The built-in software supports high-quality text,digital, bar code,photo and other variable data single printing or group printing.

    It use a full Multi Language interface and is easy to operate without single printing, self-learning, full visual operation interface, flexible operation,built -in four-core high frequency processor, faster and more stable operation

    600DPI High Resolution inkjet coding printer support various language operating system and Can Printing numbers,expiration date, times,variable text, QR Code, data matrix text,logo, bar code and logo

    Adjustable font size and type on the batch code inkjet printer itself directly.

    Easy operation,free maintenance. Only need press to print

    Various type of ink suitable for most materials not only master carton box, plastic bags, metal, cans, paper and pipe .Welcome to contact us for batch code printer.

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